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A business could cost up to $7 to make an account payable obligation to others. Email checks for free and let them print and deposit it, they can print it on blank check paper or even on regular white paper after the Check 21 Act. Automate Accounts payable, set it for recurring, one time or open.

Are you still physically mailing checks the traditional way? We can do that too. Outsource to us. We will do it for less than $1, including check paper, postage label, stuffing, sealing and making sure in the post office on the same business day.

Consider the soft cost, you having to process a check, employee time stuffing, sealing moreover forgetting on your desk to post it or in your car seat, resulting in a fine or late fee.

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Send Instant Digital Checks for less than a dollar and deposit it to payee account directly.

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What are Accounts payable?

Accounts payable is a processing of all invoices except payroll payment. There are several categories of payment. Vendor invoices are the main category of accounts payable. Vendor invoices prioritized to ensure all the old invoices processed first to minimize past due. In every scenario, processing invoices payment through an email check is the most cost-effective way to pay. Once they get the email notification, they can directly print that check and deposit as a regular check in to the Bank.
Accounts payable by an email check is the cheapest to pay for both the payer and the receiver. The receiver does not have to pay any transaction fee or gateway fee other than the few cents for the blank check paper, and it is free for sender also.

Pay your account balance by


Processing checks via email are the most cost-effective way to pay your vendors, suppliers, equipment, service agreements, and anyone whom you owe money. Once you email a check, payee gets a notification, and they can print it as a regular check and deposit it to their bank account. There is no fee associated with this other than the check printing paper. The payee can print it on regular white paper also after the Check 21 Act.

There is an interactive smart report to track everything. A Payee allowed printing checks only one time due to security purposes. A Payer – Accounts Payable can see the live status of the checks, including, payee viewed/not, printed/not, and all activities regarding those checks by the payee.

Additional Feature: Accounts Payable

Email checks completely free

Let them print checks and deposit

A payee can print check only one time

Outsource check printing to us for the traditional way

Did You Know…

Accounts payable is money owed by a business to its suppliers shown as a liability on a company’s balance sheet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much it cost to email a check?

Email Check completely Free

How can I automate it?

You can set up recurring payments by e-mail or by printing for each payee. You can use our simple API system also to integrate your website.

Can I physically print check and mail it by USPS?

Yes, you can. Get some Blank check paper from any local office supply store and print your self on any printer.

How much it cost to outsource my check printing job completely?

Under $1.00, this includes high-quality check paper, stamp, label, envelop, printing, stuffing, sealing and make sure in the post office on the same business day.

There are many other features with onlinecheckwriter. Com. You can print blank checks, and you can get paid over the phone which is called Bank Draft. You can design you are on business checks with many pre-made check template we have. Digitalizing your checks to E-Check will be the most affordable and cheapest way to pay and get paid.

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